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Ways of detoxing and curing

The spa is well known for its relaxing virtues. Its benefits are not confined to relaxation alone. Several jacuzzi tubs promote, indeed, the physical form and the psychic well-being. This practice is particularly effective in getting rid of the stress and tension of hectic modern life.

Spa and relaxation

The spa is therefore above all relaxing. It is an ideal activity to relax after a day of work or an exhausting week. Indeed, the spa boosts the secretion of endorphins by the body. These hormones, known to be the hormones of happiness, operate effects comparable to those of opiates. Acting as a natural soothing, they bring a sweet feeling of well-being.

Added to this are the effects of hot water. Due to the high temperature, the body warms up and the vessels dilate. The blood circulation is then improved. Ultimately, the tensions fly away as if by magic and give way to a pleasant impression of lightness.

Beyond relaxation, the spa does a lot of good physically. Muscle tensions are relaxed and joints are relieved. The whirlpool is effective for fighting aches, tendinitis, back pain, sore muscles and rheumatism.

The benefits of spa on the body

The small pains of the daily are attenuated and the digestion is facilitated. For its part, the skin is toned. Especially thanks to the high temperature, the spa contributes to the elimination of toxins while improving the oxygen supply to the body cells.

Thanks to its action on the blood vessels, the spa is beneficial against migraine, hypertension or hypotension, not to mention varicose veins. From an aesthetic point of view, it helps fight against cellulite.

After a spa session, you are invigorated, both physically and emotionally. With its relaxing effects, the spa helps correct some sleep disorders. It substantially relieves emotional tension and fights negative feelings in general.

Finally, it should be noted that the effects of the spa do not last only one session. Pleasant sensations last all day, for several days. The benefits of the spa are therefore felt at all levels. To maximize its positive effects, it can be combined with aromatherapy.

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